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We want you to feel you can trust us and we aim to be totally transparent with you.

Here are some questions which you may have about us:

Don't you harm the charities with this campaign?
Absolutely not. Clothes collection will not stop because of our campaign, and those who don't want to receive any more plastic bags still have plenty of different ways to support their favourite charities. We believe that charities that join this campaign will gain even more support from the public in the long run than they get now.

What are the companies' excuse for plastic bag distribution?

- Companies claim the collection amount is lower with leaflets and they are unable to generate so much money for the charities. This is partly true. Collections are slightly lower with leaflets but the leaflet price is only a small fraction of that of the bags so the same profit from donations is possible. Of course they will lose the profit they make on the plastic bags.

- They will say that bogus companies can easily copy their leaflets and use them for unofficial collections. Again, this is true but bogus collectors do the same with plastic bags, adding their own number to the labelling. We think collector companies have to be more innovative and find a way to secure their own collections and prevent bogus activity. Plastic bags cannot be a solution for this problem.

How about the environmental impact of leaflet distribution?
Our research shows that paper mills are aware that wood is a valuable commodity in paper manufacturing and they have no intention of letting it disappear. Trees are continually grown and harvested in a strictly controlled way. Thanks to this strict control European forests have increased in size every year over the past ten years by an area the size of Greece.

Are you guys plastic-haters?
No, we are not. We are not sure that we could live without using plastic today, but we are a hundred percent sure that we can collect donations for charities without distributing millions of plastic bags. We are not against plastic, we are against plastic bag pollution.

How do you know so much about the dark side of this business?
We have seen it all. We are a small team and many of us have had connections with clothes collection in the past.

How will you support charities?
All clothing collectors working for a charity must state on their advertising material how much the charity will receive from the donation. It means they all pay a percentage from their profit. When we start our collection, we going to pay the full profit to our charity partner.


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